our cosmic community

creation being not about today and tomorrow
not even ....

about this world in millions of years
still having sufficient resources !
a life supporting climate .....

as well .... not in this galaxy ....
in a thousand .... in a million years
settle on other worlds ....

or in a hundred million years
if this here goes to an end !

when this world here will becoming a sun
ever more intense

not even in trillions of years when this cosmos having become almost infinite with all the galaxies being so far away from each other that the space between them having become dark and empty not even in more time ... when the last star having been burned out and all this universe becoming entirely dark and empty there while all this time endless new universa having been created with endless worlds of wisdom some where else in the infinite space

so ....
this is all about eternity !

and everything not compatible with this
is worth nothing ....

why are you ?
one of all those billions of insane destruction ?

being unable to even having a possible chance ...
to keep your environment !

for the next hundred years
for the next million years to come 
letting alone for hundreds of million years 

because you are a product of those masses of insanity 
all striving for their survival > their vanity 
their very existence 

because all your nation will not consider 
even letting one second ....

to be coming up to guarantee
real human rights 

since this would not be good for your economy 
this would not be good for your vanity 

not being able to waste all this energy 
on all those means for this mass destruction 
for all this military might ... this police state 
this mass of insane car drivers 
flights to no where !
air conditioners 
heating plants
street lights 

so what could be done about all your billions ?
if you are not able to care 
about your environment 
your humanity 

if you are a danger to all our universe !

will you tell me ?
what we could be doing to preventing 
our own destruction ...

of the destruction 
of all those worlds to come 
of all this galaxy ...

all those galaxies to come
of all our universe 

if you are not stopped 
now ?

galactic foundation

 we are a trillion homo sapiens

in about a million galaxies ...
on about a million worlds each
with about a million population

where there is in all those
no war ... no poverty ... no in justice
no slavery ... no vanity ... no conceit

because we are governed by

an argumentocracy

where every one > can bring foreward
a better argument

being scientifically proveable

and should no one bring foreward a better argument
then this can be the one being accepted
by every one

or can there be a better argument ?

so there can be no one to blame
for any problem being ....

every one here
in our cosmic community
will be from birth >

our paradise explained
and why it is so
without any problem

and then they are asked again and again
whether they want it or what they want ?
and then ask someone ....

if that works too ?

until everyone knows ... why it is so good here
even before you get to school
they know everything

there while here on planet dirt
nobody knows until his death

because he is the victim of an idiot selection
meaning they are something very special
> a very special idiot

who never can save a world
and people just faint from ....

since everything is just a fata morgana
everything just >>> imagination and
conflicting stupidity

quasi a self murder program
for all these billions

so the most important mission an planet dirt 
being the end of all environment 
and all sapiens 

this is uniting all 
there while offering the propaganda 
the intense vanity necessary 
to having all behind 
this evil doing 

all political parties
all spiritual entities 
all social endeavours 

offering nothing but fata morganas 
striving to fulfilling satans wish

to mitigate his jealousy
about the success of creation 

and the wish 
of every satanic community
to fighting wars against 
any thing less evil 

and of all them billions 
of such competing haters of creation
of all those united problems

how could there ever 
becoming a humanity ?

and without a sapient population 
how could there ever be a future ?

but just the destruction 
of one world after the next ...

so thinking beyond ... when ever possible 
will bring more then pure survival 
will bring a future 
a paradise 

so now we know ... 
why in this pure survival society 
in this cannibal economy 
there is nothing 
but survival

for this very short time
of maybe some years to come
but not the xxx millions
of years possible

since nobody is having more to want then pure survival on planet dirt where every one is committing suicide this billion terror attack program since there is nothing else to do ! so ... we do need a whole new program a whole new way of doing things

how would we ever make this planetary environment
" great again " ?

how would we ever create
a humanity ?

the cosmic institute

the argumentocracy

galactic university


galactic central information