our cosmic community

 we are a trillion homo sapiens

in about a million galaxies ...
on about a million worlds each
with about a million population

where there is in all those
no war ... no poverty ... no in justice
no slavery ... no vanity ... no conceit

because we are governed by

an argumentocracy

where every one > can bring foreward
a better argument

being scientifically proveable

and should no one bring foreward a better argument
then this can be the one being accepted
by every one

or can there be a better argument ?

so there can be no one to blame
for any problem being ....

every one here
in our cosmic community
will be from birth >

our paradise explained
and why it is so
without any problem

and then they are asked again and again
whether they want it or what they want ?
and then ask someone ....

if that works too ?

until everyone knows ... why it is so good here
even before you get to school
they know everything

there while here on planet dirt
nobody knows until his death

because he is the victim of an idiot selection
meaning they are something very special
> a very special idiot

who never can save a world
and people just faint from ....

since everything is just a fata morgana
everything just >>> imagination and
conflicting stupidity

quasi a self murder program
for all these billions

the argumentocracy

galactic central information